segunda-feira, 13 de dezembro de 2010

Faces of Israel

To be quite honest I don't care for these alleged coexistence campaigns. They usually are pro-Arab/Muslim propaganda and I always thought that this kind of thing only works for them and for the one$ running NGO's. Well, anyway...

Short videos where Israelis are introducing themselves and talking about their lives. Basic expressions, short sentences and a not-that-perfect Mideastern accent.

age (gil) - גיל
married (nasuy) - נשוי
owner of (ba3al) - בעל
degree (to'ar) - תואר
primary/first (rishon) - ראשון
language/tongue (lashon) - לשון
Hebrew [language] (3ivrit) - עברית
but (aval) - אבל
place (maqom) - מקום
part, portion, fraction (7eleq) - חלק
work/employment (3avoda) - עבודה
important (7ashuv) - חשוב
honor/dignity/respect (kavod) - כבוד
future (3atid) - עתיד
family (mishpa7a) - משפחה

north (tsafon) - צפון
actress (sa7qanit) - שחקנית
sometimes/ occasionally (lif3amim) - לפעמים
movies (sratim) - סרטים
really (mamash) - ממש
studies/learning (limudim) - לימודים

people/folks (anashim) - אנשים
kind/sort/type (miney) - מיני
all/every (kol) - כל
here/in this place (po) - פה
myself (3atsmi) - עצמי
delicious/tasty (ta3im) - טעים

very/much/extremely (me'od) - מאד / מאוד
 village (kfar) - כפר
 beautiful/nice/pretty (yafe) - יפה
 my wife/spouse (ishti = isha sheli)- אשתי = אשה שלי
full of (male') - מלא
nature (teva3) - טבע
bicycle (ofanayim) - אופניים
[European] football (kaduregel)  כדורגל -

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