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Greetings, basic words and expressions

Most of the sentences below are used for the everyday life conversations, so they might come handy if you memorize them.


שלום עליכם - Peace be upon you (in proper Hebrew the accent should fall on the last sillable of the word 3aleykhem). The answer to that is עליכם השלום  (a3aleykhem hashalom)

שלום - Hi (lit. Peace)

אהלן (ahlan) - Hello (slang borrowed from Arabic).

ברוך הבא (barukh haba) - Welcome! (to greet someone - 'Blessed is he who comes')

בוקר טוב (boqer tov) - Good Morning

צהריים טובים (tsohorayim tovim) - Good Noon

ערב טוב - Good Evening (3erev tov)

לילה טוב (layla tov) - Good Night

You can also start a conversation in Hebrew asking the question 'How is your peace?'.
Asking a man: Ma Shlomkha? מה שלומך 

Asking a woman: Ma shlomekh? מה שלומך

You can answer this question with a number of things, such as:
Barukh ha-shem (blessed be the (God's) name)

Ani beseder (beseder means 'in order')

hakol tov (everything is fine)

To ask a man's name: Ekh qor'im lekha? איך קוראים לך

Asking a woman: Ekh qor'im lakh?  איך קוראים לך

Answer (the same to men and women): Qor'im li... קוראים לי


Asking a man's name: Ma shimkha?מה שמך

Asking a woman's name: Ma shmekh?מה שמך

answer: Shmi...(my name is...) שמי 

אלוהים יברך אותך - (elohim yevarekh otkha) God bless you

בשעה טובה ומוצלחת - (besha3a tovah umutsla7at) In a good and auspicious hour

להתראות (lehitra'ot) - See You

ביי  - Bye


צאתך לשלום (tsetkha leshalom)- Go in Peace

יאללה ביי - yalla bye

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