domingo, 4 de março de 2012

Israeli Films - סרטים ישראלים

The Policeman - This is a heartwarming comedy from Israeli director Ephraim Kishon. Shaike Ophir plays Azulai, a character who is a bit too nice to be a proper policeman. While his friends have all gone onto the higher ranks of the force, Azulai has always been stuck where he is. In fact, he's only there due to his 'friends in high places' pity.
This is mainly a comedy due to Azulai's antics but it's not all laughs.
The movie won a Golden Globe as Best Foreign Language Film.

Halfon Hill Doesn't Answer - is a cult Israeli comedy film produced in 1976. It is a good-hearted satire movie about the Israel Defense Forces which tells the story of a reserves company, watching the Egyptian border in Sinai. Characters such as the conman Sergio Constanza, the Egyptian-born Mr. Hasson and the huge cook Yosifoun became classics.
The name of the film is a parody of the name of the Israeli patriotic film Giv3a 24 eina 3ona (Hill 24 Doesn't Answer).

Charlie and a half

Party at the snooker

Only Today - A young Jerusalem student, whose lover left her after a long romance, captures the eye of a loud tomato merchant in Jerusalem's Mahane Yehuda Shuq - open market. He doesn't know that she is the daughter of his good friend who works with him in the market. First he tries to help her get back with her former lover, but when that doesn't work, a romance starts up between them.

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