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Subject Pronouns and the simplest sentences or: "Me Tarzan, you Jane"

1) Singular

                           I        אֲנִי
   You (masc, singular) אַתָּה
              You (fem, sing) אַתְּ
                             He הוּא
                           She הִיא

NOTE : Hebrew, like Arabic, distinguishes between a male "you" (ata) and a female "you" (at).

2) Plural

                     We  אֲנָחְנוּ

           You (masc, plural) אַתֶּם
                   You (fem, pl) אַתֶּן
     Them (masc) הֵם
       Them (fem) הֵן

NOTE : Hebrew lacks the verb “to be” in the present tense. This includes its forms “am”, “are” and “is”.
So you can make simple sentences and questions without any verb. Example: 'I am Joseph' will be written in Hebrew like 'I Joseph'. Similarly,  'You are Miriyam' will be 'You Miryam', and so on.

Ani Yosef              אני יוסף
I (am) Joseph

Hu Ya3aqov           הוא יעקב
He (is) Jacob

Ata yafe                  אתה יפה
[saying to a men] - You (are) beautiful/pretty/yummy

   The man [is] fat (ha'ish shamen) - האיש שמן
The fat man (ha'ish hashamen) - האיש השמן

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