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List of Verbs (infinitive)

 to do (la3asot) - לעשות

to work (la3avod) - לעבוד

to come back, return; revert; repeat; regret (la7zor) - לחזור

to bless (levarekh) - לברך

to read; name; call; cry out; summon  (liqro) -

to ask (lish'ol) - לשאול

to eat (le'ekhol) - לאכול

to cry (livkot) - לבכות

look at, glance at (lehabit) - להביט

to tell
, say, inform (lehagid) - להגיד

to be (lihiyot) - להיות

to look, observe, watch (lehistakel) - להסתכל

become fatter, put on weight (lehashmin) - להשמין

to look, watch, observe (lehashqif) - להשקיף

to observe, consider; watch, look (lehitbonen) - להתבונן

to sleep (lishon) - לישון

to hurt (likh'ov) - לכאוב

to wear (lilbosh) - ללבוש

to go (lalekhet) - ללכת

to die (lamut) - למות

to go out, exit; depart, leave; be exempt (latset) - לצאת

to buy (liqnot) - לקנות

to hear, listen (lishmoa3) - לשמוע

to find out, discover; unravel, expose; publicize to reveal; be banished, expelled (legalot) - לגלות

to kiss (lenasheq) - לנשק

 to obey, comply (letsayet) - לציית


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